Custom Stamps – Re-inkers & Ink Pads

It is strongly recommended that you use Shiny Ink with your Shiny Self Inking Units

Shiny Self Inking Replacement Pads are also available on request
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How to Re-ink your Shiny Self Inking Stamp Pad

To replace your Shiny Ink Pad – omit step 3


Step 1: While pressing in the two red buttons on either side of the unit, depress the self inking unit a very little way until it locks into place.

Step 2: Eject the ink pad by holding the unit front on. Push the ink pad in the centre towards the back of the unit and remove. As shown above.

Step 3: Place Ink Pad on scrap paper and ink with Shiny Ink by using the tip of the reinker bottle directly on the top of the pad until ink has soaked through. As shown above.

Note: When pressing lightly with the tip of the reinker, ink should rise to the surface of the pad and when reinker is removed should absorb directly back into the pad.

If to much ink has been applied, remove excess ink with paper towel

Step 4: Re-insert the ink pad as step 2

Step 5: Depress the unit to unlock and you are ready to go

Stamp Ink Pads

shiny-stamp-pad-pack shiny-stamp-pad-open

Need a simple Stamp Pad for your Vuestamp or Woodmount Stamp?
Select from these sizes and colours.


These Felt Stamp Pads are Re-inkable with Shiny Ink, available on request.

Stamp Pad 65x45mmRed: sp1-red
Blue: sp1-blu
Black: sp1-blk
Dry: sp1-dry 
         Stamp Pad 88x57mmRed: sp2-red
Blue: sp2-blu
Black: sp2-blk
Dry: sp2-dry
          Stamp Pad 110x70mmRed: sp3-red
Blue: sp3-blu
Black: sp3-blk
Dry: sp3-dry