Self Inking & Dater Units

  • *denotes the self inking unit is available with a dater in the centre. (P.O.A.)
  • Ink colours available: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Violet
  • Dimensions shown denotes stamp image area only (not unit size)
  • We can provide a ‘rubber only’ which you can use on your existing unit
    Please see our Vuestamps for pricing.
    A $5 fee for unit maintenance & polymer replacement applies
    Please find details of “How to” do it yourself below Self Inkers Units

Please state which size you require, fill in our Custom Stamp Order Form
and email:

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Price includes unit, polymer, text, supplied suitable artwork & ink  (Unless otherwise noted)


SELF INKING DATER (Includes a date in the centre).


How to attach a “Rubber Only” to an existing Shiny Self Inking Unit

Step 1: While pressing in the two red buttons on either side of the unit,
depress the unit a very little way until it locks into place.

Step 2: Eject the ink pad by holding the unit front on. Push the ink pad in the centre towards the back
of the unit and remove. The release of the ink pad is to ensure you don’t get messy ink all over you!

Step 3: Once the ink pad has been removed, stamp the unit multiple times
on scrap paper to remove as much ink as possible from the polymer

Step 4: Depress unit down all the way while pressing on the two red buttons and carefully peel off
old polymer and its adhesive backing. Handy hint: remember which way up your text is showing

Step 5: Peel the white backing off the adhesive of your new replacement polymer (not the
adhesive sheet attached to the polymer itself)  Attach the replacement polymer to your unit

Step 6: Re-insert the ink pad as step 2

Step 7: Depress the unit to unlock and you are ready to go