A Vue stamp is a basic rubber stamp mounted onto a plastic handle and it has a clear plastic piece at the top that shows you the image of what you are stamping. The Vuestamp can be easier to hold for some people because the red part of the handle is easier to grip for office use. An ink pad is required to used with your vuestamp each time and you can choose an ink pad in your desired colour under our ink pad section.

The vuestamp is custom made from a clear polymer rubber and mounted onto the handle for you. This is a very simple and easy stamp to use for many business applications. A custom made rubber stamp can save time in your business because you can use your rubber stamp to stamp signatures, grids or other repetitive items on your paperwork for authorisations etc.

Request a design for a custom stamp to suit your requirements.  Supply the artwork ready to make your stamp, please see artwork specifications. We can alter, change or create artwork for you, however extra charges will apply on top of the cost of your stamp. 

Please feel free to email us your design, we can look and advise if it your design is suitable. Alternatively we could design your stamp as per your requirements. We have had many years of experience with making stamps and we can offer advice and suggestions about your design and what may work best for your application. We have a number of different stamp options, and all have different uses.

All our stamps are made from high quality clear polymer rubber before being mounted onto the vue stamp handle to achieve the best quality impression each time.  Great artwork or design will mean you get the best quality impression when stamping your vuestamp. An ink pad is not included with your vuestamp, so please order this separately to stamp you can stamp your new stamp in the colour of your choice.